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As we are unable to physically join together in the church building during this Holy week, Father Francis has made a set of different visual displays in the reflection garden (out front of the church). We hope this brings you spiritual nourishment if you are driving by.

If you happen to drive by these displays during Holy Week we invite you to park on the side of the road in your car for a small moment of silent prayer or reflection.


God bless you all


with Bishop Brian Mascord

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Held at St Johns Dapto

holy thursday

There is a beautiful passivity in the Holy Thursday liturgy. Very little is expected of us, except to to be present. Jesus is the host. He invites us; he washes our feet, he feeds us with his word and with his body and blood in the Eucharist. All we have to do is receive. This can be very hard. Many of us are more comfortable in an active role - giving rather than receiving, helping rather than being helped. Jesus invites us to let go of our need to be in control. All he asks of us is to 'stay with me for a while'. Having been cleansed and nourished by him, let us try to spend some time with our dear Lord on the eve of his passion.

God's Word Daily Reflections. St Paul Publications 2019

Good Friday

Held at St Johns Dapto

Link will be active at 4.15pm. Friday 10 April 2020.

Due to technical difficulties we apologise for the delay in uploading this video.

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Palm Sunday 

The first display is a large cross made of contrasting colours.

The larger black cross represents the bleakness of our current time of trouble, fear, disappointment, isolation and the darkness of our own sins.

The white is a shining reminder that Christ is always with us lighting our way. It represents our purity in hope, faith and love and the journey of Christ’s suffering, death, but most of all, the new life He offers with His resurrection.